What are some great cigar types and brands?

Question by Stringer Bell: What are some great cigar types and brands?
In a few weeks I will be attending a big celebration for my friend’s 30th birthday. I have a few questions regarding cigars:

-Are cigars usually expensive?
-What are some good cigar types/brands?
-Are there any celebratory cigars?
-Do you have any other relevant information concerning cigars?

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Answer by Johnny Chimpo
Macaroons are really good, moderately priced.

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3 thoughts on “What are some great cigar types and brands?

  1. Cowboy Jacob says:

    A good cigar from a humidor can run anywhere between $ 5 and $ 19. I don’t smoke cigars to often, but I don’t ever go wrong with a montiecristo or a romeo y julietta.

  2. Jordan G says:

    Cigars can range from $ 2 upwards. You will want to be smoking “real” cigars, so nothing from the gas station, a real cigar is hand rolled. In my opinion, the top 5 cigars you can buy are:

    Padron 1926 ($ 12 -$ 20)
    Liga Privada No. 9 ($ 15)
    Padron 1964 ($ 12 – $ 20)
    OpusX XXX ($ 15)
    My Father No. 1 ($ 12)

    These would all be amazing celebratory cigars and rival any Cuban (IMO). Of course, you can also find really good cheaper sticks such as: Espinosa Habano, Liga Privada Papas Fritas, La Dueña, E Doble, Ortega Serie D, anything Tatuaje, and San Lotano Oval; most of these can be found under $ 8. If you’re looking for something really amazing, you can always get a Padron Family Reserve, this is probably the best cigar you can buy, although it costs around $ 25 – $ 30. All or most of these cigars can be found at Smoke Inn smoke shop http://www.smokeinn.com/ these guys really know what they’re doing and will get you what you’re looking for. They even send the cigars in a sealed plastic baggie with a humidity packet to keep the cigars humid for a week or two, this will be great for you as I’m assuming you don’t have a humidor.

    You might also want a guillotine cigar cutter and a decent lighter, but those aren’t required.
    Good luck and enjoy!

  3. TimD says:

    – A good average for premium cigars is ~$ 8.00. However you can get a good cigar for around $ 5.00 and as much as $ 50.00 each.

    – One poster already gave you some great high end cigars, so here’s a few that are a little more budget friendly with approximate prices.
    — CAO La Traviata ($ 6.00)
    — Brickhouse ($ 5.50)
    — Curivari Buenaventura ($ 6.00)
    — La Flor Dominicana (LFD) L300 ($ 6.50)

    – The few cigars I’m listing as celebratory cigars is due to their reputation. I may pick other cigars to celebrate depending on who I’m with or the occasion. Prices are approximate as they can vary a lot.
    — Padron 80th ($ 30.00)
    — Fuente OpusX (Various sizes, prices range a lot… expect $ 12.00 – $ 20.00)
    — Fuente Añejo (~$ 14.00)
    — My Father Limited Edition ($ 20.00)

    – Other info: The best way to get good info is to go to your local tobacconist, make sure you are going to an actual tobacconist and not one of those cigaretter/tobacco outlet places or a head shop – both of those places also sell cigars but they aren’t as knowledgeable. Tell the Tobacconist the same thing you said here and he can give you some suggestions. Opinions on cigars vary greatly depending on who you ask, one guy may think a cigar is the best he’s ever had and another may think it’s the worst… just smoke what you like.

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