25 thoughts on “Tips for Lighting a Cigar | Cigar Aficionado

  1. omi won says:

    “The wax particles can get in the way of the cigars burn?” What does that
    even mean? These guys make it out to be rocket science, the reason you
    shouldn’t use a candle to light a cigar is because most candles have a
    scent, you don’t want that scent on your cigar. Same with using a lighter
    that has fluid other than butane it will leave a scent on your cigar and
    the first few puffs will be horrible.

  2. Anthony Annweiler says:

    Does anybody know what that double soft flame lighter is called? And where
    can i buy one?

  3. Juan pena says:

    Great video guys. Ever since i started smoking and collecting cigars, Cigar
    Aficionado has being my “go to” source for any questions i might have. 

  4. Cut And Poke Cigar Lounge says:

    Proper methods for lighting a cigar.

    Tips for Lighting a Cigar | Cigar Aficionado

  5. MrJabber22 says:

    anybody know if you can put butane in a regular refillable lighter or does
    can you only use it in lighters designated to be butane lighters?

  6. Limestone Media says:

    Oh please! Light the damn cigar already! There is no need for most of that
    bollocks. Just light it!

  7. deadcoyote93 says:

    yeah this method is probably best but if find that a match fairly close to
    cigar tips and some inhaling do just find without turning cigar lighting
    into a science

  8. datfunk101 says:

    i’ve been wondering, other than maintaining a good cherry, what’s
    advantageous about a long ash?

  9. Profane James says:

    I’ve looked all over and can’t find ONE dual natural flame lighter, like
    the one in this vid. Got a link? Or manufacturer? Model? Thanks in advance.

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