The Local Hand Rolled Cigar Show: BEWARE

local hand rolled cigar

From New York to Cuba, beware of the Local “Hand Rolled” Cigar Show

Hola! Don Gregory here, with a quick bit of Intel for you all….I have been in this business, here in Tampa Bay Florida for over 22 years. Since 1995, I have owned several cigar stores, a wholesale distributorship and a wonderful little Tampa cigar factory(one of the FIRST) with Cuban rollers for 10 years.
I’d like to tip you off to an old local cigar roller trick. It’s called: the “Re-roll“. This is an old trick where the local torcedor :
  1. Does not actually roll the inner FILLER leafs of the cigar together
  2. Takes a cheap “Bundled Cigar” and just rolls on an OUTER WRAPPER leaf for “SHOW
  3. Convinces you that he’s labored all day for this unique work of art
  4. Gets you to pay $9-$15 each, for a $1.50 stick, and the honor of being called “Gringo”

…and bada bing, you’ve been cigar screwed!  Ya, sure, technically he can advertise that this crafted premium stogie is a “Local Hand Rolled Cigar” – just like I can say my car keys are “local hand rolled”. But certainly, you have been played, my friend.

Looking for a hand rolled cigar from Cuba? I can help.  Keep checking here

Don Gregory Cigars is located across from the Port of Tampa. In an area, rumored to be the first US Cuban Consulate.  When the embargo is lifted, we will be one of the few first ones to provide you with Legal, Fully Verified & Authenticated, Cuban Cigars.

Bet on it!

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