Spearhead Black Walnut 40 Count Desktop Humidor


This is the Spearhead Humidor. This humidor has a black walnut finish, comes with a humidifier, is 12 inches wide by 8 inches long and is 5 inches deep. This humidor is rated to hold up to 25 cigars.

Spearhead Black Walnut 40 Count Desk Top Humidor
Are you in need of a humidor? A better question: are you in need of an awesome humidor? Who isn’t? Everyone could use a new awesome humidor. Especially one that looks as cool as the Spearhead Black Walnut 40 Count Desktop Humidor. Even if you’ve already got plenty of room for all of your cigars in your current humidor, you still need this one.

For one, just look at it. It’s stunning. Like a piece of fine furniture. A piece of fine, functional furniture. Which is more than you can say about most of the gaudy furniture cluttering up your abode.

This humidor not only looks sleek and timeless, it also keeps your cigars as fresh and tasty as the day they were first brought into this world and rolled in the cigar factory. Can you say the same about that absurdly expensive dining room table gathering dust while you eat off TV trays in front of the flat screen? No.

And how about the fact that it holds forty cigars? If you don’t have forty cigars to put in it, just buy forty cigars and put them in it. Boom. Problem solved. It’s not like those cigars are going to waste. You’ll smoke them eventually. And when you do, they’ll be just as fresh as the day you put them in this humidor.

So there’s the other bonus of buying this humidor: with the purchase of this humidor, you get the excuse to buy forty more stogies. Brilliant!!

So the answer to the first question is an enthusiastic ‘yes!’ You are in need of a humidor. You’re in need of the Spearhead Black Walnut 40 Count Desktop Humidor. That way you can have a safe place to put those forty homeless stogies you’re also about to order and will be needing to keep fresh so you can smoke them at some point in the future.
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15 to 20-cigar capacity storage unit made of kiln-dried Spanish cedar. Complete with humidification device and Warranty it is an excellent choice.

When you first get the box, you can smell the Spanish cedar on the cardboard!
Length: 8.5″
Width: 8.8″
Height: 2.3″

•Special: Felt bottom, Warranty card inside (see pic), Humidification device.

This doesn’t not have a magnetic seal. It really seals itself.
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