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A myriad of people around the globe love to smoke cigars primarily because it’s a way of life and an age old symbol of status.

Celebrating a special event with the occasional stogie or graduation cigar can be a delicacy. Finding cigars online has become enjoyable and the internet makes it easy to find cigars like Fuente & other leading hand rolled brands, to view, research and buy them in bulk at discount prices. Not to mention the plethora of cigar bars that caters to patrons who passionately bask in good conversation & fine cigars.

Yet surprisingly, even though many folks love to savor their favorites such as CAO & Ashton, not everyone has been educated in the art. Forget about what you’ve seen on tv – lets smoke the right way.

So, let’s discuss the steps together:

smoke cigars


Step 1: Prepare your cigar. Check to see if your cigar is cut smoke cigarsperfectly. If it is not, then use a cigar cutter for cutting. You can use a blade as well if you desire. Cut the cigar sharply as ragged edges can cause uneven burning of the tobacco. Double guillotine cutters are most popular as they make a perfect cut every time. The old school way of biting the tip off with your teeth is manly and cool, but not as effective for a pleasurable smoking experience.

Step 2:  Strip off the ring label. Not really a critical issue, as some smokers leave the wrapper on until the glue is melted by the heat from the cigar and that’ll cause the wrapper fall off.

Vertigo ZINS2Step 3: Choose a butane lighter or wooden, (NOT paper) match to light the cigar as these don’t give off their own taste to the cigars. If you prefer a wooden match then wait for the sulfur to burn off. Now just hold the flame up to the end and suck slowly with your mouth in order to draw the flame to the tip. If you are using a butane lighter then it is not necessary. Cigars are not cigarettes, never inhale the smoke. Concentrate on establishing an even burn, while smoking.

Do this, by rotating the end of your cigar around, so that the whole tip is lit. If you THE SMOKE:want to verify that the cigar is fully lit or not, simply turn the lit end towards your mouth and blow on it. You’ll see that the individual lit portions will flare up in orange.

smoke cigarsStep 4: To smoke the cigar, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds to taste it and draw your breath in to create the smoke puff.

Step 5: Continue to relax and puff away on your cigar. Be sure to keep it evenly lit and don’t snuff it out in between smoking it.

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Boys smoke cigarettes, men on the other hand smoke cigars


@jelover9 @Dark_Angel0803 Do you know how hard it is to live next to Cigar City, Y’bor City, Tampa and NOT smoke cigars?


I just want someone to grow old with that will drink wine and smoke cigars with me ???


RT @Julayy09: I just want someone to grow old with that will drink wine and smoke cigars with me ???

NBA’s lead photographer on Kobe vs. Shaq, LeBron, Obama and the Dream …

He could be one of the guys and play cards or smoke cigars and sit around and shoot the breeze. And I just admired that about him. I admired that behind the scenes he was kind of like a regular guy. And he would dish it out and he would take it from

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    • Novi says:

      .. Your not a weenie, just lucky/smart to have not setratd chewing at 12 plus I have an addictive/weak personality! FYI:My Ring Gauge and Strength statement is a generalization and not meant to offend .. if offended get a thicker skin. I didn’t care for the Diesel Shorty which is both a 60 Ring and Super Full . it was that Super Full and I didn’t care for the profile (it did smoke well). I’d choose the Padilla Hybrid Maduro and the El Mejor Espresso Gordo which are 60 ring but medium over the Diesel Shorty because they have a better flavor profile! Plus on the upside they are both $1.50 cheaper per stick over the shorty!I recently ordered some Padilla 68 Golden Bears (60 Ring) so I’ll get a chance to see how they match up to the Robusto vitola?

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