Q&A: Preserving Cigars?

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by NCinDC

Question by locusfire: Preserving Cigars?
Should you take cigars out of their plastic wrappers when you put them in your humidor, or will the wrappers help keep the cigar moist?
-Even 5 and 10 dollar cigars come in wrappers now.. I’m not talking about gas station things.

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Answer by ronnie g
If it comes in a plastic wrapper it I don’t think the humidor will do it any good.

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  1. viniferal crusher says:

    The plastic does not inhibit the moisture from your humidor from absorbing into your cigar in any way.
    The correct humidor temp is 70 deg with 70 % humidity
    the wrapper will help stop the tobacco beetle if your humidor is out of range on temp and humidity

    UPDATED answer:
    Heres a copy of a weekly newsletter I get:
    Daily I get asked, “Should I remove the wrapper from my new cigars before I store them in my humidor?” The simple answer: It doesn’tmatter. You may think that the plastic prevents the cigar from getting humidity, but they won’t. The cellophane is used to prevent the cigars from being damaged, and it also deters against flavors mixing. But what many people don’t know is that cellophane is actually a porous material, so it allows humidity to pass through it.
    Want an example? Take a cigar in the wrapper and leave it outside your humidor for a week. You might as well throw it away, because it’ll be ruined. The wrapper didn’t hold in the humidity; it did nothing at all, really. So it isn’t hard to see how the wrapper doesn’t really affect the humidity of the cigar. It comes down to personal preference. Some people like them on; some people like them off. The advantage of keeping them on is thatyour cigar flavors won’t mingle as much, though you probably won’t noticeunless you’re an expert. It also is great to cut your cigars with the wrappers on, as it keeps the blade clean and sharp much longer.
    If you have any questions about cigars or the
    proper way to store them, or anything else, please feel free to
    give me a call at 1-888-674-8307 or via email at

  2. ugly joe says:

    Yes. Remember do not keep flavored cigars in the same humidor as regular cigars. There is a possibility that the flavor agents could bleed off and be absorbed by the non flavored cigars. I find that it is also wise to keep different wrappers separate.

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