Q&A: How to Keep my new Valencia Cigar humidor humidified? Read Additional Details please?

Question by Patrick: How to Keep my new Valencia Cigar humidor humidified? Read Additional Details please?
Ok so I have a Valencia Humidor that just came int he mail, can hold 125 cigars, very nice I love it.

When it arrieved it is already at 70% humidity so I am assuming it was pre seasoned before it shipped.

Do I need to season it again?

It has a sponge at the top, do I need to soak that?

What do you recommend should I use those gels that come in that small bottle that keep you at 70% or just re soak that green sponge it came with in distilled water every now and then?

Cane someone explain best way to maintian it for me? Im kind of a new Cigar enthusiast, becoming a hobby. So I am noobish.

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Answer by johnzd81
First things first….ditch the “puck”, that pre-installed humidifier in the lid with the green floral foam in it, all it will do is begin to grow mold….you do not want that!!!

For a 125 cigar humi, you will need a fairly robust humidification device, so you need to ask yourself a couple questions.
1 – Am I ever going to fill this thing? (since you said you are a noob…of course you say “I’ll never fill this thing up”! You will….and then some, trust me!)
2 – Am I going to be a cigar enthusiast who cares for his smokes the way a mother cares for her babies?
Do I want to “set it, and forget it”?

OK, question one has been answered, you will fill the humi, and another, and probably be looking at a “coolidor” in a year or so. Yeah, cigars are a slippery slope.

Question 2 is really important, and believe it, you will need to care for them, the set it and forget it routine is the road to eventual ruin, and a lot of lost cigars (thus $ $ $ )

That said, I really want you to go here: http://www.cigarasylum.com/vb/index.php
Sign up, it is free, and this is THE best cigar forum on earth….barring none. Introduce yourself and tell them slickster81 sent you.

On CA (Cigar Asylum) you will be able to ask questions, and get qualified and intelligent answers from people who have all been “newbies” to the hobby. We buy, sell and trade with each other, we have artisans who build humidors, and members who sell humidification beads, (the best way to go by far without investing big in an Oasis or other high end humidifier) and other accessories such as draw pokers (look up Slick’s Trick Stick while on the forum, that’s my creation) Plus contests, cigar “bombs” and a whole wealth of knowledge and FUN!!!

I’ll be watching for you! And Welcome to The Asylum in advance!

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