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The Davidoff Special Series– Luxury defined

The Davidoff Special, The Special R, Special Double R, Special T, Special C, The Entreacto, and The Short Perfecto.

The most luxurious of the Davidoff premium line of cigars, The Special Series is hands down the most refined and tasteful Davidoff to date, giving new meaning to the term “Top Notch”. Hand crafted in the Dominican Republic, these cigars are high in quality. Seamless wrappers and a perfect burn for a robust flavor, give the Davidoff Special series warm notes of leather, nuts, black pepper and spices. Delivering silky smooth flavors for you to enjoy while enticing the palate and emitting a pleasant yet distinctive smell, making the Special Series a very unique and elegant cigar lineup. Wrapped in the finest Connecticut grown tobacco available, it offers a full-body taste with rich creamy flavors. The Special Series is aged for extra long periods, resulting in supreme smoothness and the ultimate smoking pleasure. Each blend in the Davidoff Special series is one a kind, unique, and expertly tailored to the particular format to provide a harmonious yet luxurious experience with every draw.

The Special R’s three unconventional tobacco filler leaves, Piloto tobacco binder and Ecuadorian wrapper highlight the pronounced spice and nut flavors. Following the Special R is the Special Double R. Double Robusto, double the luxury. Extravagant yet refined, spanning four different tobacco harvests, this extremely harmonious blend balances the leather and pepper notes to perfection. The Special T, a smaller cut but a wonderful peppery aftertaste. The Special C is a historic cigar brought back by Davidoff, this cigar is mild and aromatic, and its unique interwoven pattern give it a rare smoking experience. The Entreacto, this Short Corona gives off a dense smoke with a smooth aroma of leather and spices. Last but not least, The Short Perfecto, a wonderful blend of leather, nuts, black peppers and spices.

The Davidoff Special R, Special Double R, Special Double R 10s, Special R Tubos, Special T, Special C (Culebra), Entreacto and Special Short Perfecto are all aimed to please. Luxury in an unconventional form.