32 thoughts on “Pipe or Cigar ? That is the Question

  1. NoobofthePipes says:

    I started pipe smoking in November. I really love them, but I find myself
    more drawn to cigars now that it’s getting nice out.

  2. Adam Banks says:

    more of a pipe man but a good cigar is a great way to end a lads night out
    not to mention a after dinner smoke but i prefer pipes overall, i know some
    pipe tobaccos use cigar leaf as a ingredient so you may have some luck the
    great topic peace out

  3. MrJonathanwant1972 says:

    manalivethat is such a hard question i was cigar smoker before i was a pipe
    smoker but if i had to choose it would be the pipe by a short nose but i do
    love agood cigar i have just smoked a la flor de cano peit rousto andit was
    fantastic. take care joathan

  4. allanjohn61 says:

    Hi Kevin, my good friend…In answer to your Question, i like my pipe more
    than a cigar. Great little video my good friend. Take good care my good
    friend, and all the very best to you and to your good family. Sweet smokes
    to you good sir. Blessed Be A.J.

  5. Biohazard8800 says:

    Wow how do you blow out so much smoke while youre lightning the
    ciggarette/cigar i wanna learn how to do that.

  6. Moyodsreds says:

    This is awesome Smoking !!! All MAN & kickin back!! great vids … All you
    post !!! Keep it UP!

  7. Fred Ladegast says:

    You’re an awesome man, and the most natural smoker i’ve ever seen. Hope you
    make many more videos for us.

  8. semih sarı says:

    ölecen lan 😀 a.q çoluk çoçuk izliyo bunları şerefsiz bide marlboro içiyo
    kah a.q fuck you

  9. MsAJ47 says:

    Nice vid keep up the hard smoking bro. Do a dip vid and you will be complet
    on your tobacco round up. One with some bad ass engineer or logger boots
    would be cool to.

  10. MarcFante says:

    excellent as always..love to see an long version of a gar vid with you and
    a long, thick maduro gar with plenty of cream nose jets and mouth exhales

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