My Trip to CUBA – Smoking a 100% pure Cuban Tobacco – Che Guevara

2013–14 Cuban Tobacco Harvest May Be Worst in 20 Years

There have been persistent rumors about severe tobacco shortages in the Cuban cigar industry, especially wrappers. Speculation swirled around an extended shutdown of factories at the end of 2014—a normal, annual holiday practice—but in early 2015 it …

@eyderp Like your series on Cuba. Thought you’d appreciate photos I took there (through a filter of Cuban tobacco).

All the excitement about the possibility of smoking Cuban cigars legally has overshadowed the more important impact on blending. Imagine a Padron, Illusione, Tatuaje or Garcia cigar add to that some Cuban rum.

19 thoughts on “My Trip to CUBA – Smoking a 100% pure Cuban Tobacco – Che Guevara

  1. raul gonzalez says:

    Awesome watching someone from the Philippines go to the caribbean! Im
    originally from Puerto Rico Mark, the Island next to Dominican Republic.
    Amazed that you speak a bit of Spanish!

  2. guachu13 says:

    Hey, Mark, I noticed you said on the video that Cohiba is the brand of
    cigars that Fidel Castro is smoking. I’d like to correct you on that bit if
    you don’t mind. Actually Fidel Castro quit smoking on the summer of ’85. He
    did smoke Cohiba cigars, nonetheless. In fact, the Cohiba brand was created
    for him (Castro). 

  3. sicboy83 says:

    Another great rant/video. Especially on a topic that is gaining traction.
    Subscribe people!

  4. Ibpn says:

    hope cuba keeps Monsanto out and away from their tobacco, if it can be
    genetically modified Monsanto will try to do it.

  5. Carlos I says:

    I never thought of this! This is like the wife letting you go to a strip
    club guilt free! So much more variety than what’s currently available. 

  6. Abdulaziz Clare says:

    Remember Jamaica which has been in cigars from 1875. We have native tobacco
    but now we are planting Cuban seed, Jamaica is just a province of Cuba.
    Habana 92 and Criollo 98 are at home in Jamaica as soils and climate is
    like Pinar del Rio. The Caribbean is the best region for tobacco. Central &
    South America have used Cuban seed but they are in a different region so
    tobacco is not the same. Cuba is the Mecca Jamaica is the Medina.

  7. Mitch Rogers says:

    Even if Cuba does open up Habanos isn’t stupid.. They’ll become their own
    company so why would they sell their best crops to the Padron’s, fuentes,
    Tatuaje, etc.. They’ll sell them the scraps and continue to produce their
    great cigars.

  8. icemanf4i says:

    I dont see anything in the new opening of talks and change in political
    ties with Cuba that gives access to current cigar companies to include
    cuban tobacco.. The policy changes only allow 100$ of rum/cigars to be
    brought back from cuba. Am i missing something?

  9. cassanoa says:

    it will open up new avenues for sure – maybe even lower the price of some
    of their cigars if the availability increases – i want it all – the rum –
    the tobacco and the Cuban cigar at a fair price couldn’t ask for
    anything more ;)

  10. Frankie Anetzberger says:

    That’s assuming the Cuban government allows manufacturers the ability to
    play with their tobacco.

  11. Sam Gearhart says:

    Cuba will NOT be opening up within our lifetimes guaranteed! I laugh at all
    the stupid comments and speculation by people who really have no clue as to
    what it really entails and how difficult it would be for Cuban cigars to
    make ANY inroads into the USA officially! And for those of you who ARE
    cuban cigar lovers, lifting of the Embargo should be the last thing you
    should want! I don’t know about you but I like being able to pay anywhere
    from $110-180 for a box of fine cuban coronas and no more than $285 and
    usually around $250 for a box of robustos! If the Embargo were to be
    lifted, you can be guaranteed that once a box of oh say Partagas Petit
    Corona Especials (25 ct) would automatically double and within 2 years,
    maybe less, the quality would be somewhere at half of what it is/was in
    2014-2015! It’s usually the stupid “sheeple” that blab their mouths off
    about how great it’s going to be to be able to get Cuban cigars at their
    local B&M! Do you really think they’re (Habanos S.A.) are going to allow
    any ole B&M to sell their cigars?!?!?? Just like in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN
    THE WORLD, Cuban Habanos will be sold ONLY in licensed LCDH (La Casa Del
    Habano) so they can continue to maintain a strict hold over their sales and
    authenticity of their product. You can be GUARANTEED though that alot of US
    B&M’s will have counterfeit habanos up the ass, basically taking advantage
    of the mass’ ignorance of the fact that legit habanos can and will ONLY be
    sold in licensed LCDH’s. But the majority of idiots will take the bait
    because “Why should I pay $70-80 for a Siglo VI when I can get them for $12
    at my local B&M?” Ok, you keep buying and enjoying your cheap Siglo’s you
    fucking American tool! And that’s exactly how much Siglo VI’s, legit ones
    anyways, will cost when they land on our shores after taxes have been paid
    and profits realized. I’m not too worried about it though as I truly
    believe cuban cigars are at an all-time high as far as quality of leaf is
    concerned, and although prices have went up in the past years, they are
    nothing compared to what they’ll be if they’re allowed to be sold here in
    the USA! I mean, most idiots complain about how Davidoffs and Opus X is so
    expensive and overrated! You think those are expensive? Wait till habanos
    become legal here! It won’t be in my lifetime, but boxes of Embargo-era
    cuban cigars will fetch prices higher than pre-Embargo cubans have recently
    because the quality on them is much higher and storage methods/technology
    is much better now, allowing these cigars to sit for 60 years will be
    nothing. A vacuum-packed box of MOB May 2014 H Upmann Sir Winstons will
    easily fetch $5000 in say 2025 if, and thats a huge IF the Embargo is
    lifted. So keep on speculating you fools instead of doing what you really
    should be doing and buying up as many boxes of Cuban cigars that your
    wallet can afford because the good days WILL come to an end at some point.

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