I’m looking to give a nice gift of cigars.?

Question by soupey: I’m looking to give a nice gift of cigars.?
I’m invited to a baby shower next week. I know the guests will be smoking cigars. I’d like to offer some nice smokes. Nothing too heavy or expensive.

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Answer by KC
Go to a nice cigar shop and see what they have. The salesperson should be able to give you a recommendation from what they have on the shelf. They keep the good stuff in a sealed back room so it doesn’t go stale.

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  1. Bry says:

    Montecristo No.2
    Romeo Julieta ~ Vintage III or Vintage II or Vintage IV
    Ashton VSG Spell Bound is one of my personal favorites and it’s actually what i got for my good friend when he had a son. It was a box of 24.
    Rocky Patel Decade The Forty Six. is also one of my favorites, but hard to find.

  2. mattevery says:

    some good lighter cigars are:

    Ashton: there basic brand is about $ 10 maybe a little over

    Avo: typically same as Ashtons in price a very nice light smoke but still full body finishes smooth with no aftertaste (dont get the tube cigars)

    Romeo y Julieta: Decent if you get the right ones also more affordable than the Ashtons or Avos but the quality goes down a bit. some people swear by them but i have been disappointed recently. if the store you shop at has the cabinet selection they are good.

    CAO cameroon: a cameroon wrapper tends to start hard but finnish nice. this is my favorite CAO its a little heavier than the others on the list but might be more affordable although i am not sure.

    Arturo Fuente: be careful what you get they will be cheap but Fuente has a lower grade line of cigars. go with the highest in your price range some of the middle ones arent bad.

    Zino: Zinos are typically expensive but they make a cigar in a silver package that is cheap and is also very good. it looks cheap because of the package but its a good smoke.

    CAO America: a good light smoke they have different sizes with different prices

    Personally i would go with Avo or Ashton but it depends on how many you need to buy. If the people you are buying for smoke cigars they will know a bad one from a good one. one way to tell a good cigar and perhaps the most important for your circumstances is if when your done smoking it is if it leaves an aftertaste. a lot of cigars start nice but leave a bad aftertaste. the best cigars leave you thinking you never smoked anything when your done and the Ashton and Avo do that in an affordable way.

    another idea is to go with an assortment Avo Ashton and both the CAOs with a cabinet Romeo and Julieta

    good luck and i hope its not too much info

  3. Herfnerd says:

    As you are not sure of the attendees’s preference or experience with cigars, you should get something mild, flavorful with a nice presentation.

    Macanudo Crystals should fill the bill – they are glass tubed for those that don’t want to smoke it right away.

    A box of 8 will run you around $ 40 from an e-tailer.

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