3 thoughts on “Humidor Cleaning and Cigar Collection

  1. Justin Fleetwood says:

    Special? Nothing necessarily.. It’s a great cigar.. Virtually impossible not to come across, though.. Diamond Crown is a well known manufacturer in the industry. It’s almost the same as saying you aren’t familiar with Liga Privada, Zino, Avo, etc.. The Maximus is a fairly heavy hitter among premium cigars.. I was just surprised.. Stop by your local B&M..They’ll likely have plenty. Toro No.4.. It’ll probably cost 12-14 bucks..Try one.

  2. honestcigarreviews says:

    What is so special about DC Maximus? Sounds like I need to try one. I have been smoking for about 4-5 years. Just me being honest.

  3. Justin Fleetwood says:

    Not bad. I’m surprised someone who hasn’t heard of a DC Maximus is publishing reviews… How long have you been smoking cigars?

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