how should i store my cigars?

Question by cshelton78: how should i store my cigars?
I have a humidor but am not sure if its best to keep my cigars in there wrappers or take the wrappers off to store in my humidor. Whats the best way to store and preserve them?

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Answer by Charles
I have a humidor as well and find the the way you buy them is the way to keep them, if they are wrapped, keep them that way if not, just put them in.
One suggestion is to make sure your humidor is at the right humidity. Keep a little dish of water in the humidor for about a week that should do it.

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  1. Herfnerd says:

    Keeping the cellophane on or off is a personal choice and will not be an issue either way. Cello is porous, too.

    If you plan on taking your cigars somewhere, keeping the cello on will help protect the wrapper from damage as you transport it.

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