How much is this cigar box and cigars worth?

Question by : How much is this cigar box and cigars worth?
I am interested to buy this through kijiji as a gift for someone but I am not sure what to offer to the seller?

Anyone have experience with these cigars and cigar box?

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Answer by Simon
It’s a cigar humidor that looks like it’s in terrible condition and needs to be hoovered out.

The cigars on the left look like helix ones that are pretty crap the one in the middle is a fake cuban cohiba (you can tell from the awful constriction and the glass top box is a dead giveaway) and it’s one of the worse fakes I’ve seen.

Best bet is to look els where for something in decent condition but if you really want it (for some unknown reason) then I wouldn’t offer any more than $ 10-15 MAX.

If you want to buy a humi as a gift try using this site it’s where I have got all of my 20+ humidors from.

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