How Much Does One Real Cuban Cigar Cost?

Question by Valdo O: How Much Does One Real Cuban Cigar Cost?
this baseball player that went to cuba, an brought back cuban cigars is selling them for $ 20 each, they look real… is it a good deal?

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Answer by Yumiko T
it totally depends if it has been sun dried or dipped in monica lewinsky

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  1. Elton says:

    That’s a high price. They are illegal in the U.S. but I brought some from England. They were modestly priced, although I don’t remember the exact amount. Probably about $ 1 per cigar in a box of 20.

  2. habanos13 says:

    It actually depends on several things, 1. are they real? there are tons of fake cuban cigars sold “on the streets” of cuba. 2. what brand/size/age are they? Some cuban cigars go for more than $ 20.00 each. Some go for a couple of dollars. 3. were they properly stored? If they have dried out the oils go away and the cigars are junk.

  3. Bill S says:

    depends on the brand and tobacco leaf of the Cuban…just like malt whiskeys, wines like chardonnays are made and have somewhat different taste but it is still a malt or Chardonnay….the Cuban munduo cigar made by Alberto would sell at 20 bucks/each …the US tobacco and firearms agents might give the player a visit since it is a ban import from Cuba and reselling the cigars

  4. Havanalover says:

    Its very tricky to buy “REAL” Cuban cigars ….Why ???
    Beacuse of the majority are fake , phony cigars. The real ones made in the Cuban state factories are sold for 10 upto
    30 US $ EACH and more. But know that the counterfeit industry is bigger that the real one. In Cuba you can buy on the streets lots of counterfeit cigars with forged certificates and holograms for 25-30 cuc(30-35 $ ) a box (25 pc).
    You don’t know the origine of the cigars , probaly they are counterfeits , so don’t pay more than 1-2 $ each
    Counterfeit cigars are mix of tabacco waste and banana leaves.
    Note that ebay stopped with selling cigars because of the many counterfeits.


  5. Beardo says:

    Ask to see the invoice – if he bought them legally, he would have got a proper invoice. Even if he hides the price, that will show you they are genuine.

    Are they hand-rolled, not machine-made ?

    Black-market cigars costs up to about $ 60 a box.

    Fake cigars are a lot cheaper.

    The cigars the average Cuban smokes are about $ 1 for a box !

  6. Richard K says:

    I bought three Monte Cristos on the beach, illegals, in Guardalavaca for 15 Convertible Pesos, about $ /17-18 Cdn.last December. How good I have no idea, I just gave them away, no complaints from the receivers, they are American and just the word Cuban gave them a charge.

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