How much can Cuban cigars, go for on ebay?

Question by With love.: How much can Cuban cigars, go for on ebay?
I’m planning to sell some.

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Answer by Ezzy S
I do not think ebay will let you sell it in the US being that they are not legal.

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  1. racefish68122 says:

    Don’t get caught. Cuban cigars are illegal to import for resale and have been since 1962. The only way it can be done is if you can prove they were in this country prior to that. I would be happy to take them off your hands for you to keep you out of trouble.

  2. Mayor Adam West says:

    About 10 to 20 years…

    “As of 2008 it remains illegal for US residents to purchase or import Cuban cigars[9], although they are readily available across the northern border in Canada, and small quantities can in practice be brought back without trouble from US Customs if the bands are removed prior to crossing. While Cuban cigars are smuggled into the USA and sold at high prices, counterfeiting is rife; it has been said that 95% of Cuban cigars sold in the USA are counterfeit[4]. Although Cuban cigars cannot legally be imported into the USA, the advent of the Internet has made it much easier for people in the United States to purchase cigars online from other countries.”


  3. viniferal crusher says:

    Nothing ($ 0.00) it is illegal to sell tobacco products on e-bay.
    There is a way around it though. I actually received 25 Anejos (God love Fuente)cigars by winning an auction for a humidor that the owner kicked in for free with my auction (wink-wink). I may or may not have paid more than the humidor was worth.

    To another post, there is such a thing in the US as a legal Cuban. There are still pre-embargo sticks sold in the US.
    One of my local shops carries them. They are not cheap, and yes they are still good as long as they were stored correctly in a 70/70 controlled atmosphere (70 deg F @ 70% humidity)

    Google pre-embargo Cuban cigars for more facts
    Here is one site copy/paste( Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States, except for pre-embargo cigars which are very rare and extremely expensive. If U.S. citizens attempt to buy, own or bring any Cuban cigars into the U.S., they may be subject to fines and other penalties, depending on the particular circumstances

    Majority of Canadian Cubans are fake! More so at the US Border cities than Northern Canada.

  4. Herfnerd says:

    Ebay has banned the sale of tobacco products although, as has been posted, it can be done.

    Yahoo! Auctions used to allow the bidding of cigars as well.

    As for how much they can theoretically be sold for, it really depends on what you have. Certain brands and even certain front marks within a brand command a premium. You can’t expect someone to pay for a short filler, machine made La Flor de Cano Preferido the same amount as they would a Cohiba Maduro 5!

    You would also have to be prepared to prove that what you have is authentic and not a counterfeit – Montecristo #2’s and Cohiba Esplendidos are some of the most faked cuban sticks out there. If what you have came in a glass topped box – be prepared for some ridiculing from hard core cigar smokers. Otherwise you could probably easily sell them to the uninformed.

    Let me help by offering my services to you to sample what you have and let you know what you got!

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