How long do Cuban Cigars keep for?

Question by Lewis: How long do Cuban Cigars keep for?
My mate went to Cuba around a year ago and brought back a bunch of Cigars. He has had them in there boxes all this time and they are a little flakey on the top. Will i be able to smoke these cigars or is there any health issue i should be aware of? thanks

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Answer by Corvato
since they are toxic products that cause all sorts of health problems anyway, you won’t get any other “health issues” smoking old cigars, they just might not taste as good.

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  1. B.E.I. says:

    Unless they were kept properly stored in a humidor (and going by your description, they weren’t), they are stale and won’t smoke/taste good.

    Remember… not all Cuban cigars are good to begin with…a lot of cheap ones are made just for the “tourist” market.

    You have three choices:

    1) Try one
    2) Keep them on a shelf as a “commemorative” display item
    3) Put them into a well seasoned operational humidor for a month or two and hope for the best.

  2. Swift says:

    With a humidor you can keep them for years, I have kept mine up to two years. If you don’t have a humidor you can put them in the refrigerator, the plastic zip-lock bag trick does work or you may try to adapt a plastic food container to a temporary humidor, you have to put a wet sponge at the base of a smaller box which will be placed in the bigger one. Some even utilize a kind of separator which can be, for example, a sheet from cigar boxes: it is installed between the sponge and the remaining part of the basin in order that your cigar covering do not get in touch with the sponge.

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