Dunhill Aged Cigars: Schweizer Premiere in der Casa LaCorona

Dunhill Aged Cigars: Schweizer Premiere in der Casa LaCorona

Impressionen von der Schweizer Dunhill Aged Cigars Premiere in der Casa LaCorona in Uster. Mehr News aus der Zigarrenwelt unter www.premium-blog.ch.
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Vintage Dunhill Cuban Cigars tasting with Cigar Aficionado…with Gordon Mott and David Savona.
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14 thoughts on “Dunhill Aged Cigars: Schweizer Premiere in der Casa LaCorona

  1. Brian Gibbs says:

    39th floor? I could take you to mountain tops over 13000 ft. No
    buildings, no asphalt. Trees, mountains, and Mother Nature. Now that’s the
    place to enjoy a nice cigar!

  2. Hubert Sixte du Chatêlet says:

    This chap Gordon Mott is to be pitied. The guy seems to be unjustifiably
    impressed with everything.

    I totally agree with “snipeyoass420” ‘s comments. Gordon Mott is clearly
    blinded by the surroundings and the aura. The guy probably drinks
    Beaujolais nouveau, too!

    Wine and cigar retailers depend heavily on the Gordon Motts of this world
    to pay high prices for rubbish. I wonder if Mr. Mott is familiar with the
    fable of the “Emperor”s New Clothes” and if he understands its message.

  3. Em Es em says:

    Great place. Congratulations on going in. Unfortunately,you seem like a
    complete self absorbed asshole who is completely superficial and
    materialistic. Im am somewhat dont get me wrong. But I bet, someone
    impotant could hand you a cigar with no label on it saying its a 35 year
    old cuban davidoff and you would think its the most exquisite cigar in the
    world, meanwhile it was actually a 5 dollar brickhouse.

  4. Ajay Patel says:

    well, why dont you send me a Cuban Davidoff 35 years old and ill tell you
    if your cigars are good or not!. You know it takes years to understand
    vintage cigars. Tell you pop down to our shop and we’ll smoke some good
    Cuban shit!…

  5. Em Es em says:

    Im 20, working full time in miami, I have a place in new york in
    westchester but ill check that place out. Lots of good cigars in miami
    obviously. Met all the padron family and fuente family. Im a Davidoff guy,
    My fav cuban so far is a H Upmann Sir Winston. I love the Davidoff
    Millenium toro and Double R as well.

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