Cuban master shows how to roll cigars Old World style

Tim Torres, the little Cuban master tobacco blender, rolls a fat “birthday” cigar out of 50 year old tobacco using the old world method. Showing how to roll cigars and what leaves are used.

Trinity Theatre explores Cuban culture with “Anna in the Tropics”

In addition to learning about the culture, cast members also had the unique experience of learning how to roll cigars. “We started with prop leaves, just to get in the habit of rolling while saying our lines at the same time,” Williams said. “Two weeks
how to roll cigars
Q&A: What leaves can be used to roll a cigar other than tobacco?

Question by A: What leaves can be used to roll a cigar other than tobacco? I don’t have any tobacco what leaves are good to roll with? I already learned how to roll cigars from some family in Cuba, can I take the leaves from a large plant and just use …


25 thoughts on “Cuban master shows how to roll cigars Old World style

  1. Michelle Devally says:

    My binders and my wrappers came in dry. What do I do to make them playable?
    They’re too dry to work with.

  2. Cody Kruise says:

    fairwind+ I have to disagree with you about the hole. I’ve bought several
    cases of cigars at a discounted price because they had holes in the
    wrapper, and I would say that about 80% of them smoke just as well as the
    ones without. It does really suck though when you realize that it’s not
    gonna smoke right. Like watching a train wreck in slow motion….

  3. fairwind says:

    Scott, the reason it tastes different – probably terrible, is the wrapper
    is no longer there to keep it air tight. The cigar won’t burn properly.
    Common sense and logical thinking says 1 wrapper leaf won’t change the
    flavor of 99% of the cigar, but a wrapper with a hole or no wrapper will
    ruin the cigar by not allowing it to burn properly.

  4. platoscave911 says:

    you have to post a vid smoking that big boy wow thats how to roll em. Ive
    smoked alot of american/dominican sticks and most of them are shit but
    occasionally you get a good one.Smoked a hand rolled like yours from tampa
    bay down on vacation and what a difference one of the best so far. Have fun
    with that big one and enjoy.

  5. Gammanoize says:

    How many courix is that? LOL No honestly now that’s a cigar I would wanna
    smoke. Iam harvesting my homegrown virginia tumbako this month, but I don’t
    think that I can roll a cigar like that from it. pffff Lucky you!

  6. scottjsr says:

    Good video. Great talent this guy has but I disagree with him about the
    wrapper having no affect on the flavor of the cigar, simply NOT true. Yes
    you can not “blend” one leaf, however it does SIGNIFICANTLY throw its
    weight into the overall blend of the cigar. Don’t believe me? Try smoking
    your favorite cigar and enjoying that first third, “as is”. Now remove that
    wrapper and continue. TRY to tell me you don’t notice a BIG difference.

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