Cuban Holidays and Shopping in Havana

cuban holidays

To experience explosive Caribbean authenticity, Cuban Holidays are a must.

Vibrant Cuba is blessed with gorgeous beaches, intriguing evenings and attractive artwork. Beaches remain some of the sexiest in the world and the chaotic capital city has remained 1 of thee world top cigar producers since the 1500’s. Havana: the most visited region in Cuba & the capital city.  Additionally, that being said, looking past the 1920-50’s architecture, this country oozes thrilling nightlife, food & natural beauty(ies).

New York to Cuba: first direct charter flight takes off

A 1950s American car, synonymous with Cuba, parked in Old Havana. Photograph: Walter Bibikow/JAI/Corbis. Will Coldwell. Wednesday 18 March 2015 11.12 EDT Last modified on Wednesday 18 March 2015 11.15 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share on …

cuba holidayThrongs of US enthusiasts can now book Cuban holidays especially in off season (November). Even Air B&B opened this April 2015, which made it the first US company to operate in Cuba. They already have 2,000 listings  *US Citizens Note: the trade embargo states you can only book in advance.   True enthusiasts wish to not go “all inclusive”. Traveling on their own & seeing the real country, while visiting Cuban Cigar factories and Habanos retailers. There are still smaller factories & old shops from where you can also get bargains on variety cigars at affordable prices (freeze them for 2 weeks, when you get home. This will kill any tobacco beetles).  Some of the best places to buy cigars are Partagas, Cohiba, and Montecristo.  And, surprisingly, also at the Tobacco Museum. Safest bet: the several cigar shops at La Casa del Habano y La Casa del Tabaco.

Tip: La Real Fabrica is not only a famous spot to buy cigars, but it’s also the best source for cigar tours.

Personally, I’ll take the Rum – Havana is world famous for Rum.

Cigars aside, shopaholics enjoying cuban holidaystheir Cuban holidays must visit Rones cubanos La Habana. An enchanting store where you’ll find a wide range of grand rums. One of the most exclusive brands that you’ll would come across in the store is Solera San Cristobal. This brand was created to celebrate the 480th anniversary of Havana. Other popular rum brands you can choose from are Mulato, La Palma, Cienfuegos and Havana Club. Rum is not only the only thing that you can buy from Solero San Cristobal. Other popular souvenirs are the usual books and Cuban music CDs.

cuban holidaysYour Cuban holiday shopping spree is incomplete without cuban coffee. Cuba is not among the top coffee producers in the world, however you’ll definitely find fresh high quality coffee beans. Fancy strong coffee? You must visit Havana while spending Holidays in Cuba. For ground coffee, visit La Casa del Cafe at Cafe Habano and sip upon delicious espresso whilst waiting for your roasted bean order. Even the supermarkets offer great coffee. Popular coffee brands in Havana are Serrano, Hola Turquino, Cubita, Crystal Mountain and Extra Turquino.

Senoir, please, complete the experience and buy a Guayabera!cuba holidays

Guayabera shirts(Invented in Cuba in 1709) are recognized as one of the most important piece of Men’s wardrobe. Today you can buy them in modern versions. Best source to buy the cloth: “La Feria de Artesania” and “the Quitrin shop“. Come on, it’s a Cuban holiday! Do it right!



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