Cigar Tobacco: From Planting to Picking

This video takes you through the process of tobacco seeding, germination, growth and harvesting. Making great cigars starts with planting great seeds. You will see how the seeds are planted and germinated and how the seedlings are prepared to be planted in the field. The process of harvesting (priming) the leaves is also discussed.

This video is a remastered version of an earlier upload. Much higher quality, some different media and higher resolution stills

25 thoughts on “Cigar Tobacco: From Planting to Picking

  1. Willie Waycup says:

    Thanks great video. I grew a couple test plants last yr and 4 varieties
    this yr to see which would do the best in my regional conditions and has
    best disease resistance here. Ony about 100 plants the weather conditions
    have been terrible for the air curing very rainy and in mid August it hasnt
    gotton over 75 degrees which is unseasonably cool so many of them have been
    developing frogs eye any tips on preventing that in cooler than normal
    conditions or to help in the drying?

  2. enticed2zeitgeist says:

    What is a commonly grown commercial tobacco strain? I have Rustica and it’s
    too strong for anyone I know.

  3. MrCigarEnthusiast says:

    Another great video Doc, I had no idea that tobacco seeds were that small.

  4. ShinyBrowncoat says:

    Wow Doc I love your channel. I am just a beginner smoker so I don’t
    understand everything on your videos but I am getting a lot of information
    from them. Please keep up the good work!

  5. Shunkawakan Okawingha says:

    Virginia is the most common in the US. If you’re growing rusitc or Aztec
    Sweet, try drying and smoking the dried blossoms they are much better
    tasting and have less nicotine in them. You can also try Havana depending
    on where you live.

  6. Degjo Shqip says:

    Doc can you tell whats that thing that farmer puts on the seeds after he
    has plant them it’s that sawdust???

  7. akon1397 says:

    I like the Cuban music at the beginning 🙂 reminded me of my grandma
    bringing fresh cuban cigars from her trips to cuba

  8. Doc Diaz says:

    Need more specifics. I don’t know of anything about farming practices that
    would be harmful to farmers, but if I knew more specifics I could look into

  9. Liquid-Skin says:

    The hardest part for me has been keeping the seedlings alive from
    germination till planting outdoors. Since I’m from the northern US tobacco
    needs to be planted indoors about 1-2 months before planting outdoors as
    full grown seedling. Over watering the flat one time can cause the loss of
    a entire flat to dampening off and under watering can cause the loss of an
    entire flat due to the soil being to dry thus killing the tiny roots. Best
    of luck to all my fellow smokers and growers.

  10. CombineWizard says:

    Baloney! Two species of sphinx moths, many kinds of aphids, leafhoppers and
    spider mites just LOVE tobacco!

  11. CHAN POH MING says:

    Doc Diaz: what I heard decades ago, is it harmful to the farmers onto
    growing tobacco and is it true or the misleading from the media sources

  12. Harris P says:

    it is so nice but here u dont show that how to plantation of small plants
    into fields and also heating of tobocco leavs in barren…. and then making
    them as bundles.

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