Cigar Tips For Aficionados & Beginners – General Cigar

Victoria McKee, Director of PR for General Cigar Co. Inc., talks to the Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins about cigar basics, covering everything from strengths and how to smoke, cut, ash and select the right smoke to go with meals and drinks. (General is one of the largest manufacturers of cigars in the world. It has been owned by Swedish Match since 2005) 

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General Cigar Co. Celebrates 150 Years of Hoyo de Monterrey

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand, General Cigars. has announced a limited edition release that is slated to hit store shelves on April 1. The Hoyo de Monterrey Edición de Cumpleaños 150 will become the first and

General Cigar Co. Celebrates 150 Years of Hoyo de Monterrey | halfwheel

25 thoughts on “Cigar Tips For Aficionados & Beginners – General Cigar

  1. Marshall Jameson says:

    man this nigga smoke a cigar like he suckin a dick. Not that there’s
    anything wrong with gay people but I swear he’s shovin that whole thing in
    his mouth lmao

  2. mrtimjitsu says:

    i love how she says “great care goes into putting the cap on” if you’ve
    ever seen cigars being made (any cigar even cohibas) the cap takes a whole
    2 seconds to put on.

  3. Jalal Ahmad says:

    Who on Earth holds a Cigar like a women smoking Cigarette b/w fingers, this
    man is embarrassing, I work at Cigar Guy in VA, and got an excellent
    Collection, My fav Macanudo 1968 medium body. 

  4. Infinite Elgintensity says:

    > says Club Macanudo is his favorite cigar hangout
    > never smoked a cigar before

    Sounds legit.

  5. Jason Statham says:

    Lee Hawkins you’re a fucking joke. You try to act like an expert but ur
    obviously a novice. (He’s like this in all his interviews) quit pretending
    to know about things you know very little about it’s annoying. How the fuck
    did he get this job?!! His voice is so gay and he talks like a bitch.

  6. Tartan says:

    She might know cigars, but she knows nothing about whisky. Lowland malts
    are not peaty or strong, they’re the opposite. Grassy, light and easy to

  7. Brian Cronauer says:

    I envious this guy….so much. Thought the exact same thing when he said
    “Can you believe I’m working right now?”

  8. UnderclockingCPU says:

    I am 16, in Canada the smoking age is 18, I sware to god I am not even
    going to smoke it I am just going to buy some and keep in my room to smell.

  9. Teutius says:

    God damn has he ever smoked in his life? Nigga did the two handed nigger
    lip like he was sucking the cigar LOOOL

    He would never smoke no anything with me god damn I’d have to use the
    lighter to dry his spit every time the goofy took a hit

  10. NoOneImportant556 says:

    Makes a “how to” cigar video, can’t prep a log to save his life.

    the girl had great info, this jackass hasn’t a clue. 

  11. André Enström says:

    Liquer kills(dulls) the taste buds on the tounge. A expensive cigar paired
    with expensive liquer is a waste of a good cigar :D

  12. Aaron Henry says:

    nigga i’m splittin all these cigars down the middle and fillin them with
    dope. YAAAH!

  13. SGT. York says:

    This Motha Fuka just sucked my Oxygen and wasted a good smoke!! Go
    interview a Dog Show!!!

  14. Porco-Dio FIlm says:

    “Yeah, because a lot of scotchs’ are harsh, especially when you add a cigar
    to the mix.”
    God, what a moron. I’m guessing he doesn’t know a damn thing about scotch
    either, judging by that foolish statement.

  15. Alex Christ says:

    Este tipo no tiene idea de cómo se fuma y se disfruta un buen cigarro.
    Yankees idiotas. No tienen cultura. 

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