25 thoughts on “A peek inside my main cigar humidor. Cigar collection 2012

  1. SLVshadow says:

    They have aspects that are similar… but they don’t really taste like real Cubans.

  2. SLVshadow says:

    They have aspects that are similar… but they don’t really taste like real Cubans.

  3. Cero Ashura says:

    I’m a big R Y J fan too, great flavours as always, how are the counterfeits? Do they taste similar to the originals?

  4. SLVshadow says:

    This is an old video… I gots lots of RPs… check out my newer vid or the vids of my other humidors. Thanks for watching.

  5. GiftofChaosStudio says:

    youneed more Rockies in there man… get some Rocky Patel sun grown Toros to replace those R&j’s and you’ll be in heaven!

  6. SLVshadow says:

    There is no official “cigar season”, that is what I call May-Sept as those are the months with good weather where I live.

  7. SLVshadow says:

    Its all personal preference. I prefer to take mine out of the plastic wrap, but some prefer to leave them in the plastic.

  8. tjsaladino100 says:

    i rec’d my cigars in a plastic wrap-it is proper to unwrap-loose when placed in humidor

  9. SLVshadow says:

    Thanks! I need to make an updated video, hah. Hope you enjoy your cigars when you can get some!

  10. Darksideofsgtpeppers says:

    I have never smoked an actual cigar. I have only smoked chyannes which are basically cigarettes marketed as cigars to make them cheaper. I have not smoked a cigar since I am under-age and cannot buy them, but I am looking forward to next year, because next year I turn 18 and there is a very nice cigar store around where I live. But anyways man, nice video. The cigars look very nice and I like you’re humidor.

  11. DrumPiper11 says:

    Nice stash you got there 🙂 I had one of those Romeo Y Julieta No 2. Really, really nice smoke. Would love to get my hands on a couple more….

  12. SLVshadow says:

    That might be a good start. I find that Maduro (a type of cigar) are more sweeter. Maybe start with some standards like Macanudo. Being in the USA you have many online options and great prices to get into the hobby.

  13. Ricardo Huerta says:

    I live in California and I think I would enjoy a sweet cigar. Is a Pinar Del Rio a good start?

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