A Humidor For All Tastes

A Humidor For All Tastes

Whether you want to proudly display your cigars or protect them in a more discrete fashion, there are specific types of humidors built expressly to suit individual taste and style. While some prefer to house their collection in reserved sophistication, others wish for others to enjoy their collection at first glance. The variety of humidors available on the market seek to satisfy each end of this spectrum, and everywhere in-between. In this article, you will find which type of humidor best fits you, your lifestyle, and the care you require for your cigars.

The glass top humidor is perfect for sitting on your desk or side-table. The transparent top which lends this type of humidor its name offers visitors a chance to view your collection; this unique desk-topper is an excellent conversation-starter for novice cigar enthusiasts and veterans alike. The glass-top humidor exhibits many aesthetic qualities that turn a simple storage device into a decoration of its own sort – rich woods like mahogany, cherry, maple, and even more exotic options like koa form a deep and glowing frame while the glass window allows viewers to appreciate linings of woods such as Spanish and cedar. When allowing visitors to select a cigar, they are able to make a selection without opening the humidor until they’ve made a choice, thus allowing the cigars to be protected for a longer period of time. Glass-top humidors are perfect for those wishing to make a statement about their tastes and to display their collection with pride.

A cohiba humidor gives cigars the maximum amount of protection without sacrificing visual appeal. Most are fitted with hygrometers, allowing the user to closely monitor the humidity and temperature inside the device. Cohiba humidors focus on the lifespan and quality of your cigars and ensuring that they are kept in optimal conditions. Many have a digital readout screen for easy access to the internal settings. A cohiba humidor typically does away with the look of rich wood often found in the glass top humidors and replaces it with a more sleek, modern appeal that fits into most décor choices and presents an image of modern style. Some cohiba humidors may be surfaced with lacquer and others might be styled with leather. They are available in a wide variety of colors, with some of the most common being black, deep brown, and cream. Some cohiba humidors even come in a travel option, almost resembling a coffee thermos, complete with the hygrometer readout screen. For cigar enthusiasts on the go, the portable cohiba humidor ensures that the lifespan of their tobacco is not negatively impacted by their busy lifestyle.

Whether you wish to accent your décor, protect your collection in the best way possible, or keep your cigars safe on your travels, there is a humidor for you. When it comes to choosing, there is an option perfect for you on the market today.

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