The A Fuente Cigar Factory Fire of 1924.

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A Fuente Cigar Factory Fire of 1924A young, 24-year old Cuban émigré opens the prosperous A Fuente Cigar Company.

Arturo Fuente’s story starts in 1912, in the Ybor City section of Tampa, making cigars of imported Cuban tobaccos. The A Fuente factory burned down in 1924, leaving Arturo in dire straights financially. He worked for another cigar maker until 1940, when he finally reopened, operating first out of his home, and then moving to a new factory. He continued importing Cuban tobacco until 1960, when the US embargo against Cuban imports was established.

Arturo Fuente

brand was launched by a 24-year old Cuban émigré named Arturo Fuente as A. Fuente & Co. Fuente had come to the United States in 1902, leaving his hometown
In the 1970s, the company attempted to move, first to Nicaragua and then to Honduras, but suffered fires at both locations, Finally, the company settled in the Dominican Republic in 1980, and currently produces over 24 million cigars annually in six factories and four plantations, employing 2,000 workers, including 500 torcedors.


Image result for factory burned down in 1924, leaving ArturoToday, Arturo’s son Carlos and grandson, Carlos, Jr. oversee production. Their line offers a medium-to-full bodied taste, with the celebrated Hemingway series a little mellower, thanks to an additional 140 days of aging. Many of the natural-wrapper cigars (including the Hemingway series) feature Cameroon leaves, with Connecticut leaf used for maduros and 4 of the sizes are available in an Ecuadorian sun-grown.


A.Fuente Hemingway
Undoubtedly one of the most precious cigars and on the market only in small quantities, The Classic, Signature and Untold Story are inside a robust Maduro and it differentiates the Cameroon series. These cigars are aged for another 140 days before release which assures their particular mellow taste.

a fuenteA.Fuente Don Carlos
Manufactured using carefully selected scarce vintage tobaccos, the Fuente Family developed this line: Don Carlos. These medium bodied Cameroon wrapped cigars were under development for a long time before Carlos Sr. gave his approval, assuring the buyer the finest quality cigar obtainable. Carlos Fuente Sr. worked to achieve the quintessential in full flavor, perfect wrapper color and excellent construction in every Don Carlos cigar. Today, cigar connoisseurs all over the world recognize that Don Carlos is outstanding and deserving of the distinction, “Pride of the Fuente Family”.

A.Fuente Anejo
These cigars were first produced in 2000 and have been rarely seen since that time. One of the most difficult cigars to locate, Anejo have the same binder and filler as the critically accclaimed Opus X cigars. A Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper is used.

A-Fuente Gran Reserva
Exclusively the best vintage tobaccos and hand craftsmanship are used in A-Fuente cigars, produced through a combination of skill and Image result for factory burned down in 1924, leaving Arturoart. Every leaf is individually chosen out of a private family source set aside solely for the production of these cigars. Mixed along with the best Fuente tobaccos globally acknowledged for their superiority, the A-Fuente Gran Reserva is subsequently skillfully rolled using African Cameroon, Connecticut Shade or Ecuadorian Sun Grown, these wrapper tobaccos are the most expensive and sought after wrapper tobacco in the world.

The job of producing the A Fuente Gran Reserva is reserved for the most talented cigar makers, using the exceptional expertise required to produce this distinctively blended cigar. Each crucial step is carried out totally by hand, to guarantee a unique completed cigar.

A Fuente cigars are then, subsequently aged inside cedar vaults to a pinnacle of excellence. Producing a superb cigar considered among the worlds finest.

Fuente Expanding Añejo Brand

Turning to his vast stocks of tobacco, he used aged, dark Connecticut broadleaf and put it on a Fuente Fuente OpusX bunch, creating a new brand he dubbed Arturo Fuente Añejo. Fuente’s Añejo brand is made in fairly small quantities, and typically shows

A Fuente Cigars

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