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Drew Estate Ltd. Natural Pimp Stick&Irish Hops SALE!

MSRP : $204.99

Brand: Drew Estate
Box Quantity: 24 cigars

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The Drew Estate Ltd. Natural is a cigar line you have to try! Each is handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua with a host of different gourmet long-leaf tobaccos from Syria, Haiti, Turkey, Dominican Republic and St. James Parish. Exceptional draw leading to incomparable flavor. These cigars impart a unique, distinctive taste which you won?t find anywhere else.

Available in the following limited blends:

  • Ltd. Irish Hops: 6.0 x 52 Dark, rich, creamy, with a sweet finish; complex and medium in body.
  • Ltd. Pimp Stick: 6.0 x 52 Perfecto Cameroon wrapper; medium-bodied, major flavor; exotic blend; rich, smooth, subtle

    Brand: Drew Estate
    Box Quantity: 24 cigars

  •  Pimp Sticks

     – Oh my! Drew Estate’s Natural Ltd. Pimp Stick is one hell of a cigar, and has caused some waves among cigar lovers. In fact, this size has been one of the most requested cigars that Drew Estate makes. In appearance, it’s a beauty, plain and simple. A 6″ x 52 big perfecto shape that’s hand-rolled with various strains of Dutch tobaccos, long fillers cultivated from the black soil of Esteli, Nicaragua, and a gorgeous, toothy Cameroon wrapper leaf. Pimp Sticks offer an exotic blend and unparalleled burn. It’s incredibly rich, smooth and subtle, yet bursts out with a big bouquet of flavor.

    Irish Hops

     – Oohh….this one’s nice. Irish Hops, otherwise known as ‘the Hopper’, is a complex, medium-bodied cigar that’s rich, silky-smooth, creamy, sweet, and booming with bold flavors. This toro, measuring 6″ x 52, combines an exotic mixture of unique tobaccos with Brazilian and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Patiently aged and masterfully blended, these leaves are then coated by a dark and oily San Andres Negra wrapper from Mexico. The result is complex from the get-go and enjoyable to the nub.


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